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Download the App for Palarino’s Car Wash for a variety of express and detail cleaning packages, coupons and discounts, special offers and a list of services and products – right at your fingertips. Cars are like part of the family, so keeping them clean and well-maintained is important. Scroll through and check out the exterior wash packages from Express to Full Detailing to remove sap, salt, pollen, bird and bug dirt and more. And keep the inside looking fresh with frequent vacuuming and professional cleaning for floor mats and seats to windows and the dash. With App-ealing savings and specials, your car (and you) will love the App from Palarino’s Car Wash.

The App from Palarino’s provides:

• A list of services, products and options
• Exclusive specials and offers
• Notifications and updates
• Coupons
• Our media gallery

The App is FREE and you will receive your first offer soon after it is downloaded.

Palarino’s Car Wash, serving the North Huntingdon, Irwin and surrounding Pennsylvania areas, is your one stop spot for keeping your car clean. Whether you choose an Express Wash with self-serve vacuuming or a Full Interior and Exterior Detailing Package, the professional staff in this safe, up-to-date facility treats your car with care. Monthly packages and special offers keep your trusty transportation free of the grit and grime that can decrease appearance and value – and now you can tap the App and save money as you keep your car looking its best at Palarino’s Car Wash.